Customer Faq’s

We do not wish for you to postpone your plans because of cash crunch. EasyBorrow is your Instant solution to this problem!.
Maximum repayment days are 30 and the Rate of interest is calculated on daily basis on membership type for GRADE_I_10k customer 1-5 days is 0.15%, from 6-15 days is 0.20% and from 16-30 days is 0.2%.So, lesser days lesser rate of interest.
2% - 6% on the loan amount and processing fee will be debucted from the loan amount and rest will be transferred to your account.
We evalute your profile and you can avail 2000 to 50000 based on your credibility.
You can Repay Loan through Online medium like Google Pay, Phone pay or directly to our Bank Account.
No security needed, just you need to provide Personal and Professional Details,Aadhar,Salary,Bank statement and Five references.
No, these loan are short-term loans Max 90 days.