How It Works in 4 Steps...

easyborrow fill form step1

Step One

Fill in an application form on our website or Mobile APP

Fill the Application with the basic details like Pan,Aadhar,Phone Number,Working Company,City,CTC etc... It just take 2 minutes to fill the application.

Step Two

Upload Required Documents

Upload Documents - Aadhar,Current Bill,Salary nd Bank Statement then Make a request on our website or Mobile APP and wait for response through E-mail or SMS within 30-60 minutes from the time of the request during business hours.

easyborrow upload documents step2
easyborrow apply loan step3

Step Three

Apply Loan

Upon the Approval, You can select amount & tenure days up to Rs 20,000 for max 60 days at a reasonable interest rate of 0.10% paise per day..

Step Four

Get Your Money in Bank

Applied Loan Money is immediately transferred to the bank account of the customer. We understand that customers are in urgent need of money.Remember!.. the interest rates are calculated on daily basis and Maximum repay days are Only 60.Try to take these loan only in emergency purpose.So, for lesser days interst rate is very very less.

easyborrow get money in bank step4